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We understand that roofing projects can sometimes be an unexpected or large expense. At Artisan Roofing, we believe every homeowner should have the peace of mind that comes with a quality roof overhead, regardless of budget constraints.

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Roofing is more than just a cover for your home; it’s an investment in safety, comfort, and peace of mind.
While everyone loves a good bargain, when it comes to roofing, choosing based solely on price can come with significant risks.

The Lure of Lower Quotes

Many homeowners are often faced with a plethora of quotes when embarking on a roofing project. Naturally, it might seem sensible to opt for a lower quote, especially if roofing projects appear as unexpected or large expenses. However, going this route can sometimes be a double-edged sword.

The Hidden Costs of Bargains

The initial savings from a low-cost quote can be tempting, but it’s essential to delve deeper and consider the long-term implications. A roof constructed with subpar materials or poor workmanship can lead to potential roofing system failures. This not only jeopardizes the safety and comfort of the home but can also lead to even more significant expenses down the road in terms of repairs and replacements. See the photo below of a home we inspected, only to realize that it needed to be replaced after only 12 years! That is less than half the lifespan than it should have had. Even the best of materials will fail if not properly installed.

The Assurance of Quality

At Artisan Roofing, we have always championed the idea that every homeowner deserves a roof that stands the test of time. A roof is not just about warding off rain or snow; it’s about providing a shield against the elements, ensuring energy efficiency, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Quality roofing is an investment that offers homeowners the long-term assurance of a reliably constructed roof. By investing wisely in quality today, homeowners can avoid unexpected future expenses and enjoy lasting peace of mind. See the same home from above in the photo below, now replaced with the GAF Timberline HDZ series asphalt shingle. This homeowner is now protected from any leaks but also covered for ANY product or installation failures for a FULL 25 YEARS!! That means if ANYTHING fails on this roofing system int he first 25 it will be repaired or replaced for FREE! Plus additional coverage for materials failure for 50 years total.


As you consider the right choice for your roofing project, remember the long-term value of investing in quality. It’s about more than just the initial costs; it’s about ensuring safety, durability, and peace of mind for years to come. At Artisan Roofing, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.