Customer Video Review – Gary Sullivan

My experience with Artisan Roofing was fantastic. They were courteous, they were respectful, they were hard working. They cleaned up after themselves. We had a very good relationship for the time that they were here. The crew did a, did a great job. They only took about a day to get the roof done.

It was nice to, to have that, to get that bit of, uh, worry off my shoulders to get the roof replaced. Compliments to Brad. Uh, he was able to, uh, show me exactly what they were going to do. He showed me all the materials that they use, why they use them. They, you know they’re certified.

They do a lot of training. It, it all goes down to have them having a fantastic warranty on their product and on their workmanship. The warranty we have is transferable, so it’s great if we sell the house. Um, again, can’t, can’t thank them enough. They fit me in when, uh, you know, when, when the weather permitted.

So it was even faster than we had initially planned. Thank you again, Brad.

– Gary Sullivan