Fiona: Storm Repairs Update

The bad news:
Many roofs have storm damage and our team has been extremely busy with repairs from Hurricane Fiona’s fury.

The good news? :

Being one of the biggest stress test storms we have experienced as a company, we are very pleased to not have a single shingle blow off an Artisan installed roof.

Not everyone was as lucky as this Artisan customer in PEI (Yes we install there too!) who’s home made it through one of the worst storms in recorded history for the Island.

All of their neighbours lost shingles in the storm, but their Artisan installed roof made through without an issues at all.


Now that the storm has passed we have spent the last 2 weeks helping repair future customers roofs to hold them over until their new roofing install date. This is just one more service that Artisan is proud to offer. We will not leave you out in the cold or with a leaking roof, even if WE DID NOT INSTALL it. We want you to be safe and secure in your home as our team approaches your new roof installation date.


When choosing your roofing specialist, do not base your decision solely on price… repairing a failed roof without proper warranty can mean paying for the job twice! 

Choose Artisan and sleep well at night knowing your roof will protect you, even through a 100 year storm.