GAF vs IKO vs BP – roofing materials comparison

At Artisan Roofing we only offer the best quality materials and installation practices. Artisan Roofing is the largest residential roofing company in NB because of our great customer service and quality products.

GAF is North America’s largest shingle Manufacturer. The warranties we are able to offer as Master Elite certified technicians far surpasses any other shingle manufacturers.

There is a vast difference in the GAF Golden Pledge warranty we have quoted and let’s say an IKO warranty.

To name a few:

GAF has a 25 year non prorated period with 50 year residential product warranty- IKO non prorated period is only 15 years on manufacture defects. Prorated significantly after that up until 30 years

GAF has a 25 year manufacturer backed workmanship warranty that covers miss-installation- IKO has no coverage on workmanship on any program. Meaning if there was ever a warranty claim and it was found it was due to installation your entire roof warranty will be void with IKO.

IKO does not warranty shingle valleys at all and this is the most crucial junction of any roof.

GAF does cover a shingle valley but Artisan Roofing Inc. always uses metal valleys giving you the highest protection and curb appeal.

The GAF Timberline HDZ shingles we use have an UNLIMITED wind speed warranty. Meaning it does not matter what kind of storm we get, if there is a shingle lifted it is covered. IKO has a standard wind speed warranty of 145 KM/HR.

It is also noteworthy that all of the accessories we offer are upgraded from entry level accessories and have to be ALL GAF brand to qualify for the Golden Pledge warranty.

We build roofs with the intention of them having the highest performance, not on what is the cheapest product to use.

Manufacturing Defect 100% coverage period

50 years
15-20 Years
15 – 20 Years (IronClad)


Maximum Wind Speed Coverage

Unlimited (No Max)
 220 km/h
210 km/h


Algae Staining Coverage

25 Years
10 Years
10 Years


Workmanship Coverage

(Contractor Misapplication)

25 Years



20 Years – Free
20 Years – $100
15 Years – Free



Closed, Open, Or California
Open or Closed
No closed-cut valleys, only open metal


Leaks Only?

(does the roof have to leak to have a claim)



Maximum Payouts

A manufacturing defect substantially affecting the water shedding performance of the Shingles is found in June 2039 in Shingles with a 25-year limited warranty. The Shingles were installed in June 2021; 18 years, or a total of 216 months, have elapsed since completion of installation

No maximum payout, claim is calculated at time of replacement.
Year 18 maximum payout of $45/sq
IKO’s warranty obligation will be reduced by (180/225 = .80) + (36/600 = .06) = .
86. So, IKO’s maximum obligation would be 14% (100 – 86) of the cost of the replacement Shingles.