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Our Company Values

Artisan Roofing & Home Improvements Inc.’s values form the foundation of the company. Adhering to our values will assist us in build a strong and healthy organization.

Integrity- Our success is measured not only by financial terms it also in the trust and reputation we build.  Doing It right the first time and with integrity is at our highest priority. Even if it takes us longer, costs more or is inconvenient.

Accountable to a Higher Standard- Artisan Roofing & Home Improvements Inc. has a culture of self-accountability. Every member of the team is accountable to the other members, but most importantly to the customers.

Education Matters- As roofers in New Brunswick are not required to hold a license, we must continually pursue the highest levels of education in the roofing industry. We voluntarily meet certification, licensing, and education standards that exceed the average, and we promise to always stay up to date with the latest building codes, materials, and technology updates.

Professionalism is Mandatory- A professional mindset is essential for us to deliver on our promises. We will always act with dignity and show respect to everyone we encounter in the course of our work, including our customers, colleagues, vendors, and the wider community.

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Fill Out QuestionnaireTell us a bit more about yourself