The Benefits

ZMesh Roof Deicing Install on a Cabin
ZMesh Roof Deicing Install

Heatizon’s roof de-icing products prevent the buildup of ice and large icicles around eaves, drains, and valleys, which damage roofing materials and are hazardous to people below. These products can be installed under new or existing asphalt/shake/tile shingles,single-ply membrane roof coverings
ZMesh Roof Deicing on a Cabin

Typical Roof Deicing Temperature/Moisture Sensor Activation Device

This Product Maximizes Efficiency by activating the system only when necessary.
Aerial Mounted Temperature Moisture Sensor

How It Works

Roof DeIcing ZMesh Heating Element
Roof DeIcing Heating Roofs
ZMesh is installed under roofing material. Zmesh heating element rolls out easily along eaves and in valleys, making it one of the easiest systems for do it yourselfer to install.

CBX6 Control Unit for ZMesh Roof Deicing Systems

A Control Unit heats the element underneath the roofing material to prevent snow and ice buildup. Dimensions: 17″x12″x8″

An activation device automatically turns on the snow melting system when it senses moisture and cold temperatures making it a cost effective system as well as efficient..
The Installation
Roof DeIcing Installation   
ZMesh can be nailed or stapled through, making its installation easier than other systems. Costly and disruptive roof “build-ups” are eliminated with the use of the flat ZMesh heating element. ZMesh will provide an even and thorough heated area under the roof unlike wire systems that hang above the roof covering and only melt some of the snow and ice.
ZMesh Roof DeIcing Eave De-Icing
Roof DeIcing on Condos
Zmesh Roof DeIcing on Eaves


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